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Crows Feet Specialist

Pansuriya Clinical Corporation

Internal Medicine & MedSpa located in Hampstead, MD & Westminister, MD

Crow’s feet are facial wrinkles that appear around your eyes when you smile, squint, or laugh, and they tend to deepen with age. The medical team at Pansuriya Clinical Corporation in Westminster and Hampstead, Maryland, offers noninvasive treatments to help smooth out your crow’s feet to give you a younger appearance. To learn more about your options for smoothing out your wrinkles, call the office closest to you or book an appointment online today.

Crows Feet Q&A

What are crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet are little lines around the corner of the eyes that start to spread out. Tiny muscles in your face contract every time you have a facial expression, causing crow’s feet to develop over time. 

The layer of skin around the eye is very thin and lacks oil glands, which causes collagen and elasticity to decrease.

Schedule a consultation with Pansuriya Clinical Corporation to talk with your medical professional about care and treatments for your crow’s feet.

How can I prevent crow’s feet?

Although crow’s feet cannot be avoided entirely, there are ways to reduce their appearance and the depth of their lines.

Ways to help prevent crow’s feet include:

  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Staying hydrated with water
  • Wearing hats
  • Using SPF eye cream
  • Wearing UV protective sunglasses
  • Reducing exposure to toxins

Adopting lifestyle changes and staying proactive with your daily skin care routine can stop crow’s feet from getting worse.

For an immediate remedy for smoothing your crow’s feet, talk to the professionals at Pansuriya Clinical Corporation about their various noninvasive treatments.

How are crow’s feet treated?

Treatments for crow’s feet vary depending on the severity of the lines around your eyes and your desired outcome. Treatments include:

Topical creams

Your doctor may prescribe a topical cream that stimulates the production of new skin, or you may use over-the-counter antiaging, moisturizing creams.


Your doctor injects Botox into the targeted area with a small needle to relax the muscle, preventing it from contracting, which reduces the appearance of crow’s feet.

Chemical peels

A chemical solution applied to the face causes the outer layer of old skin to shed, exposing smoother skin for a younger look.

Dermal fillers

Also called soft-tissue fillers, your doctor injects the filler into the affected area to plump it up, decreasing the look of lines in your skin.

Laser resurfacing

Your doctor applies heat to the specific area on your face with a laser wand, which removes the upper layers of skin and increases collagen production.

Meet with your professional at Pansuriya Clinical Corporation for a full overview of each treatment to decide which one is right for you. Call Pansuriya Clinical Corporation today or book an appointment online to learn more about crow’s feet treatments.